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What is meineZIELE ?

meineZIELE is a very effective and "success-oriented" organizer. "meine Ziele" is German and means "my goals". meineZIELE is not just software, but a system based on methodical know-how necessary for an "effective" organization.

meineZIELE helps You to

  • shift priorities: Do more of the valuable, important tasks and less of the useless and unimportant
  • focus on goals and objectives
  • combine Your forces

What is meineZIELE used for?

Use meineZIELE as an organizer for all of Your needs from daily odds and ends to Your long-term strategy. Just use it and let the clever methods do their work.


Outliner view of meineZIELE

What is different in meineZIELE?

Common organizers and time management systems focus on efficiently filling your calendar. meineZIELE focuses on effective and not just efficient organization and will rather help you to achieve your objectives than to save minutes and seconds.

meineZIELE won't help you just schedule all your time, but make plans, organize complex projects and thus have success. Among all organizers, meineZIELE offers the...

  • largest toolset
  • strongest focus on achieving objectives rather than "saving seconds"
  • soundest methodology behind the software
  • most widespread possible ways of use, from "getting things done" to strategic planning.

And what's also unique: Although all of meineZIELE's functions are entirely integrated and well interlinked with each other, meineZIELE can be used like a toolbox, allowing the application of each function just as needed.

Find out more:

How will mZ help you be more successful?

The success with mZ is due to consequent application of professional methods of work. Probably you already know some of the more popular methods, like speed reading techniques, memory tricks and learning or training methods. The methods of time management are less popular, but equipotent:

meineZIELE supports your organizational work with methods for objective identification and orientation as well as effective desk organization, helping you do the important things first, eliminating interferences, concentrating on the tasks and much more. Our product realizes the best of all known methods of work and success and focuses on "achieving more objectives" instead of "getting more things done".

Some concrete examples?

mZ provides tools to determine, organize and structure concrete objectives and tasks in shape of a professional "outliner", i.e. a division system. Documents and files are not put away, but linked to tasks using a powerful system called "1-click-filing". By that, they are available with just one click as soon as you need them again.

Time and objective management are interlinked in both directions in a unique way, which allows an effective control of priorities in subdivided tasks and complex projects.

With a large variety of thought-out functions, such as for task exchanges in team work, strategic reflections, bottleneck analyses and much more, mZ provides a peerless methodical solution from a single source.

How much learning effort will be there?

For sure, a certain effort must be taken into account since you will not only change the software system, but the whole way of organization. As you won't be able to run a marathon just by changing from boots to running shoes, switching from a common calendar program to mZ will require learning, rethinking and putting the habitual way of organization to the test. Therefore we have created the "easy mode" for a quick start. The other parts of mZ are set up like a construction kit. That is why you will be able to cope with the required efforts, even if your college time already lies back some years.

Admittedly, you must be willing to put your habits to the test. Not every change will help you be better, but if you want to be better you will have to change something. If you don't really want to improve anything, you should rethink if mZ is really appropriate for you. mZ is not just software, and certainly not a common organizer. However, the efforts are worth it. meineZIELE will make you noticeably more successful.

Only the "easy mode", mZ Easy, is trimmed to simplicity. The "power mode", thus the full program, provides widespread potential applications of methods and technology. The feedback of our clients about their recently achieved success is often downright spectacular.

What is effectiviTREE?

effectiviTREE is kind of a cloud twin of meineZIELE.

While meineZIELE has an enormous wealth of functions and therefore needs a Windows environment to run in, effectiviTREE runs on any device with a modern web browser. It is easy, has the core functions of meineZIELE and its for free.

Learn more about just 5 steps, which increase Your success in any project You touch.

effectiviTREE PLUS (subscription included in meineZIELE subscriptions) can exchange data with meineZIELE.

What's the primary effectiveness of meineZIELE?

Please read our detailed information about the main effects of mZ:

How to proceed:

The software part of meineZIELE is available as a trial version for free download.

Since the written part is substantial for an effective utilization of meineZIELE, we offer a special trial, delivering the full program, including the methodical know-how, and providing up to 100 days of unrestricted return.

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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