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meineZIELE is sold via our reseller MyCommerce. By putting products into the shop-basket, You enter the webpages of MyCommerce.

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meineZIELE is available on a regular subscription base. MyCommerce will send You a license-code. You just download meineZIELE and enter this license-code in help / Info/license. Attention please: Don´t waste money. You do not need a separate subscription for effectiviTREE PLUS. It is already included in the meineZIELE subscription.

And now the question of questions:

How much would it be worth, to really do more of the important tasks and less of the unimportant? How much is it worth to You to have more time on a stretch? How much would some better strategic decision be worth? Or a day gained? Or some goal finally attained?

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Delivery and download

meineZIELE is Software for Windows-PCs. Get it from our download-page
and unlock it with the subscription number from our shop.

effectiviTREE is a web-app. To unlock the Plus Edition enter Your subscription number when registering or later under "my account".


To cancel Your subscription please use the cancellation form of myCommerce, click here.


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