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March 2nd, 2021,
Version 21.0.7730

  • New: Web-App effectiviTREE has calenders
  • New: Interface to effectiviTREE changed to make proper use of the effectiviTREE calenders
  • Improvements to the spider view
  • success counter
  • A lot of detail improvements

Dec. 4, 2020,
Version 21.0.7660

  • New: Web-App effectiviTREE: A Web-App with the core functions of meineZIELE such as outlining, links,activations and successes
  • New: Interface to effectiviTREE
  • A Subscription for effectiviTREE Plus is included in all meineZIELE subscriptions
  • Deleted entries and successes are now integrated instead of beeing listed in a separate table
  • "Inspiring phrases" on startup are now optional settings
  • A lot of detail improvements

April 8, 2019, Version 19.0.7037

  • Version 19 has a new design
  • New search function
  • A lot of detail improvements

March 14, 2018, Version 18.0.6647

  • Days in Gantt view now have a variable width
  • Detail improvements

Feb. 12, 2018, Version 18.0.6617

  • Improvements in multiproject view, remote connection to Microsoft Sharepoint Servers per https ...
  • Interface opml for mindmaps ...
  • Deselected entries in sector view visible in gray (option) ...

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