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Having all documents ready to hand would make more successfulDocuments ready to hand...
... will make you more successful

Get to know a system which will provide you time and organization rapidly. Tidying up is forbidden!

Perhaps you know the following situation: You want to tackle a task effectively and quickly. That calls for documents ready to hand, at the best on your desktop. We want to have everything ready to hand, because putting away the paper means: Out of sight, out of mind. What's not on the desk will be forgotten. This actually happens to many people.

On the other hand, you want to keep concentrated as well, not being disturbed by the papers around. A free desk is necessary for this purpose. Distraction during work is the archenemy of success. When you work on tasks which require your right brain hemisphere, any records in your field of vision can absorb up to 50% (!) of your work force. That means that the papers have to be removed and still they must remain ready to hand.

allocate!Millions of people fail at this problem, even though its solution is one of the easiest existing working methods. "Don't tidy up, allocate" is the formula which leads to more success with a tiny change. In contrast, tidying up is ineffective. The problem would just be shifted into the drawers and behind the cabinet doors.

Most people who are working at a desk got a good solution for the long-term filing. Those who need many documents with know-how probably use Microsoft OneNote. But how about the "living" documents, which belong to the current tasks?

How to deal with living documents?

Living documents can be administrated with a principle which is called "chaotic filing". It is a term from the ERP and means that no product is assigned to a fix storing position. Incoming packages are put to any free position which is kept in mind or entered in the ERP computer system.
Like that, the space is optimally used and still everything is available.

This principle can be applied very effectively on living documents. In meineZIELE we have realized a sophisticated chaotic filing system which we call the "1-click-filing". With this ingenious chaotic filing system, you will generate a truly effective organization with a free desk. And this system will not only work in colorful brochures, but also for you. And what is really impressive: The organization will last and still your documents will always be ready to hand. Your desk will be empty, forever.

before mZA real life example::

In the photo on the right you can see as a real example, the desk of an IT manager in a medium-sized company before he began to use the 1-click-filing of meineZIELE.

The example shows that you will be able to change your filing system even if you work under pressure. Many of our customers completely switch to meineZIELE's filing system within a few days. The IT manager, however, did not have the time to do everything at once. Instead, he decided to change the system gradually and without any efforts:

He inserted only new tasks and new projects in the 1-click-filing and kept old documents on his desk until the respective tasks were resolved.

In consequence, the amount of paper on the table shrank continuously during weeks and eventually all paper disappeared. Like that, the IT manager could avoid any type of "cleanup".

The second photo shows the same desk some months later. The system change had already been complete there. We did not whitewash anything of the desk but took the photos "as it was like" when we visited this customer!

How does it work?

chaotic stock method used with papersThe 1-click-filing is quite easy: Documents are partially administrated electronically and partially placed in suspension files or in a panel folder on your desk, depending on what is more practical.

In meineZIELE, you assign the documents to your tasks and note down where you put them. For example, you could insert the number of the folder compartment.

So you don't store documents "where they belong to" but "where there is place right now". Only what has really been done we put away in accordance with the ancient file plan system.

Perfect: The electronic filing

The illustration to the left shows that a contact entry and a file apply to the task "Call Robert". Both can be displayed with just one click as soon as the task is being tackled and the information is needed.

Of course, you can link any number of files with a task. Moreover, you can scan documents within meineZIELE with just two clicks and assign them to tasks. .

The ideal complement:

The 1-click-filing works with any scanner. But why to wait 30 seconds until the lamp is warm every time you want to scan? Better do use a document camera.

The Sceye camera points a laser frame on the desk. Put your document within, take a picture, and done. During the entire process the document is visible on the screen. Of course you can also choose a scan section if only a part of the document is needed.

Get rid of the paper

Add handmade notes and sketches to the 1-click-filing by scanning them with just one single click. Or take a screenshot, switch to meineZIELE and add it to the 1-click-filing with one click. Without having to choose a file name, folder, path, et cetera. Even E-Mails from MS Outlook can be transformed to a task in meineZIELE, additionally including the e-mail in the filing section of the task. Documents from OneNote and ELO are assigned to a task with two clicks. And when someday you want to work on the task, the assigned documents are available with one click. This is what we call "ready to hand".

Of course, this new style of filing requires the will to change. However, as soon as you have accustomed to it, it will be a relief. The paper will be gone. And with a single click you get the document back on your screen, as soon as you want to carry out the task.

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