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Methods of success

Best practices are not witchcraft. Success is when a goal is achieved through thought and action. Anyone can learn how to do this.

„Methods of Success“ –
What are they good for?

It is always about achieving more with less effort:

success methodsRhetorical skills, efficient organization, mental fitness, stronger motivation and – most of all – to know exactly what needs to be done: Many successful people don’t owe their success to superior intelligence or superhuman effort. The roots of their success are their superior methods. Today, despite the great diversity of such methods, many of them are summarized in the term “Methods of Success”.

Simple example:

There is no witchcraft. Take a big, confusiong goal as an example: We tackle more and achieve more just by outlining big, confusing goals into small and easy steps:


Outline goals and tasks


That is simple and easy and it works. And there are many more easy improvements like this in our daily work. Look at other easy and popular examples:

Methods of Thinking

These methods help us to make better use of some features of our brain. Examples are memory tricks, learning methods or methods for the use of the right brain hemisphere. Frequently minor things make the difference, properly illustrating a chain of thoughts for example, never being dehydrated during work or just always being mentally fit. Quite often the achievable improvements in performance are downright spectacular. The phenomenon Superprogramming for example can lead to a tenfold increase in efficiency.


StrategyStrategy could also be regarded as a Method of Success. It is amazing how easy it is sometimes to implement new strategies in the fields of concentration or positioning in business which both possess a nearly inexhaustible potential.

A well-known, as well as spectacular, example is the steep rise of Würth in Germany to a 10 billion Euro company based on the common EKS-strategy. Another prime example is the huge success of Southwest Airlines which can be explained by a single strategic decision. But also individual persons can benefit from leverage of strategic decisions and their enormous potential for success. "Blue ocean strategy" as an example has become a popular idea all over the world.

Methods of Work

Fast reading techniques, time management, systematic reduction of disorganization, but also organizational methods like “1-click-filing” can all be seen as Methods of Work which are considered the core of Methods of Success. These methods have very different backgrounds: Stronger motivation, clarity, smart tricks and of course the interplay of several of these factors.

The potential gains for the user are considerable: Fast reading skills as an example can triple your performance. Better time-management can lead to an increase of efficiency from 10 up to more than 100 percent, depending on the initial situation. In exceptional cases even a multiple of these values is possible. It is therefore highly profible to take a closer look to these different methods. (For more information about Methods of Success, see (in German only, pleas use Google translator).)

What is implemented in meineZIELE?

Attain goals with meineZIELEmeineZIELE is not organizer software as usual. The central idea is not cutting down on seconds in our daily routine or a simply “getting organized”. It is rather about learning to work with the best methods. The product is unique in the support of different Methods of Success. meineZIELE supports you from the first strategic considerations, from basic thoughts about the long term development of personal objectives up to the implementation in Your daily time management.

You will easily increase both your efficiency and your effectiveness in the achievement of more important goals. It is not only about the reduction of disorganization: meineZIELE is a product of Knowhow with a lot of "Methods of Success" included:

  • Organize Yourself by goals, not by daily odds and ends
  • Get more of the important, valuable tasks done and less of the unimportant
  • Have plain goals, an empty desk, straightforward work and time in a row

From time to time we think about setting plain goals and better priorities. But after a few days all that is forgotten. That is where meineZIELE comes in. It helps to stick with it. That makes the difference. Test it!

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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