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Functions of meineZIELE

Easy start

You want a quick and easy start?
But you a wealth of ingenious functions?
With meineZIELE, this will work perfectly.

The "easy mode" hides the available multiplicity of functions and will help you understand the main concepts of mZ (Easy mode / Quickstart-Manual). However, although hidden, everything is available with one click: A unique toolbox full of functions and methods of success.


Effective immediately: The basics

By applying the three core functions of meineZIELE, you will be more productive quickly: Clear objectives, effective priorities and a free desk. This part of mZ is free.





goals   Top 3   1 click filing  

Plain goals
Set plain goals and directly executable tasks

Effective priorities
Doing more important and less unimportant things

Clean desktop
A tidy desk and still everything ready to hand




The toolbox

Starting with mZ Standard meineZIELE contains a toolbox with many valuable functions for better self management.


Circles of life
Getting life's roles into balance


Visuial goals
Control your success


Check off goals
View Your success step by step


Crib sheet
Bits of know how always ready to hand

Cross out
what is done with visual effects

Success collection
Always knowing what has already been done and keeping motivated


Characterizing tasks visually

Simply creating icons on your own

Additional information
Knowing the tasks' details


Mind Maps

Always ready to hand

Identifying the pros and cons

Mind Maps
A different point of view


Sector maps
Visualizing the value of a task

Purchase lists
Knowing what is required where

meineZIELE mobile

Managing budgets

Working without interruptions

Password safe
Holding passwords, easily and safely


Outlook, Lotus Notes, ELO, MindManager, Toodledo and more.



The calendars

Also included in mZ Standard: However you want to manage your appointments, from calendar to project diagram everything is available:



Recurrent events

Time plan

Time table
What is taking our time?

Objective transparency






Besides the tools of mZ Standard, mZ Plus also provides the functions for team work, but also special tools like labor bills and timekeeping: Unleash the potential of your team and use the way of organization that fits to your team properly:

Achieving common goals

Team creation
Delegation and confirmation

Presenting with structure

Eisenhower view

Conference clock
Learning to appreciate time

Eisenhower Scheme
Delegate, throw away, set a date or carry out?

Priorities of the team

Labor bills
Arranging objectives and tasks freely

Determining expenses and interferences exactly

Controlling projects


Keeping project costs under control

Work breakdown strukture
Controlling projects





Rating Profiles

Being aware of strengths and weaknesses

Creating a unique profile of the use of force

Inspiring the target audience

Resources Matrix

Knowing the own resources

Where efforts are the most effective

Seeing with the eyes of the audience

Ansoff competitive factors Portfolio

Visualizing strategic expansion opportunities

Competitive factors
Maintaining competitive factors systematically

Improving the own position

Spider voting

Visualize changing positions

Radar Method for Teams
Team building best practise

Value Curve

Multipoint matrix

Analyzing advance

Block diagram

meineZIELE is even more than the software tools

The know-how makes the difference. mZ is a unique product, and since we are proud of everything "behind the software", we deliver it with up to 100 days of return (mZ Pro). That makes us sure you will have time to acquire the principles of mZ, tackle your tasks and convince yourself.

Do use meineZIELE. Get clear objectves. Then, march on to success with seven-league boots!

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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