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The radar method

Improve Your team

The RADAR Method for Teams

A team should do much more than just the sum of its parts!

Team development can unleash enormous forces. But it requires systematic work on the performance factors of the team, just as a company constantly works on its competitive factors. From the sense of community to the flow of information and from the acceptance of ideas to the preparedness of each team member there is a multitude of factors to be monitored and improved continually.

The procedure of meineZIELE's radar-method for teams (only in mZ pro) is a very effective form of teamwork. The radar method will help you unleash the full power of your team.

Improve teamwork


Utilize this tool with projector and canvas. The knowhow can be found in the accompanying strategy material, due to the proximity to the improvement of competitive factors. All the visualization options of the strategy functions are available.

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