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Reduce interruptions

How to work without interference

Get rid of the interruptions at work!

Often interferences can be removed quite easily. Sometimes the courage to a talk or a sign on the office door is sufficient.

The largest obstacle is that we are not aware of the numerous interferences and interruptions which occur every day, for which reason we never try to avoid them systematically.

meineZIELE provides everything you need for a thorough analysis, from tally sheet to time measurement. With your analysis you directly plan the actions to be taken.

Avoid time traps. You can escape them only by consequent self-observation. In its core, meineZIELE focuses on effectiveness. Despite that, it provides everything you need to improve your efficiency.


Interferences are relative. Just 20 to 30 percent less interference sometimes have the same effect as if there were none.

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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