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Purchase lists

Required material for goals and tasks

Create purchase lists directly in meineZIELE, based on the demanded material of your objectives!

Many objectives and tasks require some kind of material. It is important to allow for the demanded tools and materials in time. It is not only because of the budget plan, but also to realize what will be necessary. Many tasks are only really clear if you know what exactly will be processed. That applies particularly to material things, especially one-time projects like the installation of a new heating system. And it applies for the numerous spontaneous notes, such as books you would like to read in future.

In meineZIELE you assign an entry to a determined purchase list with a simple icon you drag and drop on it. Then, two clicks are enough to get printable lists for the hardware store, the bookshop etc. on the screen. Whether on paper or on your smartphone, in any case you got complete purchase lists with you.

purchase list


Of course the principle of purchase lists can also be utilized for completely different things, such as required know-how or necessary signatures.

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