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meineZIELE remote on iPad using TeamViewer

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Most of our customers do not only use meineZIELE for their larger objectives, but also for appointments and little everyday tasks.

Among them are often things which could be useful mobile. Hence, frequently asked questions are: Is there any app for my iPhone? Does meineZIELE also work on my Galaxy Tab? Or are there any other mobile solutions?

Does meineZIELE run on the iPad?

meineZIELE has been developed for Windows. Thus, mZ itself does not run on Apple devices. On Mac computers, meineZIELE works well within the Parallels desktop environment. Unfortunately, the iPad does not provide the Parallels desktop environment.

Nevertheless you will be able to use meineZIELE on your iPad in meetings. How is it done?

You need a technology called remote access. Let meineZIELE be running on any personal computer (Windows). Then, the mobile device is utilized to control meineZIELE and any other software on the pc remotely.

meineZIELE remote on ipadRemote access software has been available for maintenance purposes for a long time. Prominent examples are Teamviewer, PCVisit, Mikogo, Citrix and other. For instance, Mikogo is able to establish a remote maintenance connection within less than one minute.

For iPad and iPhone, apps are available for this purpose. Several products are available with different properties. So, not all of the available apps can be utilized together with a firewall. We recommend Teamviewer (, since our tests have worked finely with it.


  • Of course, the windows pc has to be switched on. In certain situations you could keep the pc in the energy saving mode and switch it on remotely.
  • Using a complex program like meineZIELE is not really convenient on a small smartphone screen. There, it is better to limit the usage on "view only".
  • The velocity: What is quite practical in your wireless lan can be annoying on the way if the internet is slow.
  • Many companies prohibit remote accesses due to security reasons.
  • Sometimes it is important to have mobile access to private data. Think about contact information, telephone numbers etc. For that, it is worth to try out the "Teamviewer".

Windows Tablets

If you own a Windows tablet, the preinstalled operating system is decisive if and how meineZIELE can be used. Windows tablets have been delivered either with Windows 8 or Windows RT. Windows 8 is the latest full version of Windows and is preinstalled on most personal computers and notebooks. meineZIELE runs on Windows 8 without restrictions. Alternatively the pc with meineZIELE running can be controlled remotely with appropriate software.

Windows RT is an alternative to Windows 8 and has been delivered on new devices. Neither does Win RT run on common computers, nor is it possible to install common software on tablets with Windows RT. In this case, Teamviewer or any other proper software should be used to control the pc remotely.

Android tablets and smartphones

Like on Apple devices, meineZIELE does not run directly on Android tablets and smartphones. Equally, proper software is required to utilize meineZIELE on your mobile device. We recommend Teamviewer for smooth work.


Sync meineZIELE tasks and events with cloud services like Toodledo or memetoo.

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