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Beyond the day

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Welcome to meineZIELE!

meineZIELE: Unleash your powers!

You already have a good tool for the daily odds and ends.
Ever thought there should be more? Make plans and achieve goals beyond the day?
Read on for more.

  • Organize Yourself by goals, not by time slots
  • Do more of the important things and less of the unimportant
  • Have a clear desk without ever cleaning up
  • Aim for goals, don´t book up the day
  • Have more time in one piece

meineZIELE is Software + Knowhow for goals-oriented selfmanagement. With meineZIELE You gain time at a stretch and a clean desk. You do more of the important things. Find out more ...


I don´t remember when I was that excited straightaway by a software tool.

M. Schlemper


Comfortable and modern, but even more smart and with ingenious methodology: meineZIELE, the clever alternative.

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meineZIELE: clever time management

This programm is ingenious. Ingeniously simple.

Th. Keil

Roll up Your sleeves!

Do not fill days: Make plans with meineZIELE!

The right tool:


Plain goals, time at a stretch, clean desk, better priorities, security and profit from the right strategy, more ...

Special advantages

Solid Success- and Methods-Knowhow, fully integrated system from daily tasks to long-term strategy


Big toolbox of functions to support personal working methods, teamwork and strategy, e.g. outliner, mindmaps, strategy-diagrams more ...

Starting points

Goals, Priorities, ingenious connection of tasks and documents, work-life-balance, common goals in team, more ...

Strategy - secret to success

The daily odds are only the beginning. Real success comes from strategy.

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Get an overview

I am tremendously excited ...

B. Möller

Everything on Board

Smart functions for everything, good self-management needs

From time management to long-term strategy


Easy to begin:

Strong know-how

Manual including methodical knowledge.


Design, functions and methods are adaptable to fit Your special needs.

No more procrastination!

Common organizers only help organizing. meineZIELE makes You sort things out!

Order now!

The right one for everyone:

Fitting function sets for any demand


Cheap because of selection of best fitting toolset, 100 days money-back-guarantee, more ...


75 % rebate for students. Send e-mail.

meineZIELE pays off

There are few things bearing fruit
more quickly than
better working methodology.

And only few things are more precious
than time gained.

Gain freedom and scope

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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