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Operation Manual

Dear customers,Bruno Klumpp

I am pleased that you have chosen meineZIELE as your personal tool of success.

How should you proceed now, so that you can use meineZIELE's numerous functions and methods effectively?

Begin step by step

Try out the basic functions and take advantage of the quick start manual. If you want to get an impression of meineZIELE's advanced functions, have a look at the examples in the "Examples" menu. You can already begin to create real data in the trial and then seamlessly use the full version.

Start with the basic benefits: "Plain goals", "Effective priorities" and "Free desk by 1-click-filing". Just follow the instructions fo the quick start manual.

All other methods and functions are like a big toolbox. If you want to focus particularly on strategy, you can work on the strategy part anywhere between the other functions.

Your success

There are a lot oft organizer tools that just help us to stuff our days and weeks efficiently. That isn´t the way of meineZIELE. To make your time management method a real success, focus on your objectives and projects and forget about the fights for seconds and minutes. The most important aid is not the calendar, but the compass. Pace is important. Direction is more.

It is important that you keep this in mind. meineZIELE is not about "super organization". Instead, it is about freedom and success. The point is not only to get a lot of things done, but to achieve what you want.

I wish you success. I hope that you realize what is important to you and what is not; and that you gain a clear overview of all your objectives and tasks. And I wish you patience, energy and wisdom to preserve this clarity whatever you do. It is a great challenge that makes up a considerable part of your life. And actually, this challenge never ends.

Bruno Klumpp Unterschrift
Bruno Klumpp

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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