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All strategic decisions are based on the knowledge of the respective situation. Only those who exactly know their own strength and weaknesses are able to make proper decisions.

However, no property is just good or bad. This property could be important or unimportant for a certain target audience. Only if we observe both factors we get a usable image of it.

Furthermore, properties can be structured as well. In the screenshot below, you can see that "French" as a foreign language has been rated as rather bad, what is due to the even worse "Written French". However, the oral skills have been rated very good. And only the spoken French is considered important for the target audience, what we can see due to the color. The darker the dot, the more important is the property. Without the substructure of "French" we would have seen this property quite different.

meineZIELE does not think for you. However, as in all other functions of the strategy module, it provides tools to analyze and visualize such findings to others and yourself.

Weaknesses and strenght


Properties to which cannot be assigned marks in professional relevance should also be included in an analysis of properties. (For instance: A pilot's license if you run a bakery)

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