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First things first


Are you working on
Your most important goal?

Setting priorities is extremely important. It is just that nobody ever works on what would be the most important for him. Most of us do only spend a small part of their time with the most important task of that moment.

Most of the time, we do what we can do best, what we like the most, or what other people told us to be "the most important". Make the best of this: It is our major reserve: We cannot employ even more hours and days. But we can certainly spend 30 instead of only 20 percent of our time on the most important goals.

meineZIELE will help you increase this quota. It provides an optimum system of priorities for each situation.  meineZIELE will assist you systematically to solve more important and less unimportant tasks. This will make you more successful.

The most important first


Set priorities in accordance with the quite easy top-3-rule. Every morning, you choose the three most important of your "active" tasks. Then, tackle them, and do not stop until all three are done!


Even experienced people tend to take too large tasks into their daily schedule. Since these tasks are not clear and structured, they are then postponed for days or weeks. Thus it is important to do it better from the early beginnings. If you are still inexperienced, you should even subdivide the clearest tasks if these will take more than one hour. At the latest when a task gets active and even more so when it is chosen a top-3-task, it has not only to be clear, but small as well. As a beginner, the best period of time for a task is 15 to 30 minutes. Follow that rule, even if it is totally clear what has to be done. If necessary, call it "Resolve the most important of task xy for 30 minutes". Continue like that consequently for two or three weeks. If your time management someday gets out of hand, return to this way of planning. It is worth it.

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