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Mind maps

How to use mindmapping

Mind Maps unleash the right side of the brainSuccess with mindmaps

// stimulate creativity
// keep the overview
// set plain goals

What is a mindmap?

Mindmaps are sketched outlines with almost magical influence on understanding and retentivity. They are appropriate tools to structure objectives, learning matters and develop ideas.

How does it work? In the center of a sheet of paper You note the topic. Then, add branches for subtopics and details. Although it is that simple, you gain a clear view of the topics structure. In consequence, you can see what is important and what is not. The process of mindmap creation is called mindmapping.

What is the benefit of mindmapping?

Mindmaps are universally applicable:

  • Learning: Structure makes learning easy. It provides an overall view and improves results significantly.
  • Creativity: Mindmaps are recommendaed for the systematic search for ideas. They are often used with colors and sketches.
  • Explanation: Outlines in shape of mindmaps are easier to understand than common structures.
  • Mind Maps make successful Structuring: Use them to design a seminar, a book or a thesis.
  •  Projects, goals and tasks: Best use of mindmaps is during brainstorming and creation of basic structures. For execution normal outlines are more appropriate.

Why are mindmaps so effective?

brain hemispheresMany thinking processes are clearly assignable to one brain hemisphere. Logical structure and linguistic content are tasks of the left hemisphere. Pictures and graphical structures are tasks of the right one. Generally both hemispheres compete for brainwork. Left brain oriented education often lets the wrong side of the brain solve the task. Preventing such misassignments is one of the most effective of all existing thinking methods!

If it were possible to combine the abilities of both hemispheres in one thinking process, retentivity and understanding could be improved significantly, in some special cases even with downright spectacular effect. And actually, the combination is possible. Of course, the brain is not working incorrectly everywhere. In some applications (e.g. details of daily time management) the advantages of mindmaps get reduced to the mere fun factor.

Mind Maps boost successDrawing mindmaps on paper or on screen?

Mindmaps on paper have their downside. The branches of a mindmap on paper cannot be simply expanded and collapsed. The finished mindmap gets too large, confusing and inaccessible. Often its creation process and not the mindmap itself is the actual benefit, though. The creation on paper is experienced as more intensive. Therefore, paper is the better choice for learning and brainstorming purposes.

The screen has only limited space but the mindmap appears more organized and clear. Therefore mindmaps on screen are advantageous for structuring.

In most cases of objectives, tasks and projects, only the use of mindmap software is worth considering. But in these cases mindmaps are less appropriate than the normal, indented arrangement. That is because of relatively long texts as well as assigned information like dates, budget etc. Therefore use mindmaps for tasks and goals as a second pair of eyes only.

Which layout is the best?

Mindmap with meineZIELEActually, the expression "mindmap" has only been used to describe the branched graphics. The mentioned advantages refer to this type of mind map. It is unbeatable for brainstorming and valuable for learning purposes.

However, the content of the diagram can be displayed differently:

sector mapSometimes, the expression "mindmap" is also used for diagrams like in the screenshot on the right. Terms like radial diagram or sector diagram are common for this kind of mindmap as well. It is unbeatable if a weighting shall be included, thus adjusting the sector size to the required budget or time.



outlinerYou get clear goals by subdividing obscure goals. Divide large objectives in clear, small, executable tasks. Only by structuring and subdividing it becomes clear what you want to achieve. Unconscious obstacles vanish. Your psyche reorganizes your forces.

When it is about objectives, tasks and projects, the common outline is the best. However, it has proven effective to outline tasks conventionally and then to have a look at it as a mindmap "from a second perspective".

Why to use meineZIELE?

meineZIELE is a system of software and knowhow. It covers the whole field of personal work methodology from daily time management to long-term strategy. meineZIELE provides all three types of mindmaps (and much more, have a look at the function overview).

Furthermore, we provide interfaces: meineZIELE can take on finished mindmaps and get them into an executable form. Vice versa, any parts of the outline can be transformed to a mindmap and exported to Freemind or MindManager.

It is not decisive what is being created on the screen. What is being created in your head is decisive: Clear objectives, clear tasks and clear priorities. By this means, mindmaps lead to visible success.

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