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Plain goals

Set plain goals!

We tackle large objectives, inconvenient tasks and inscrutable projects only hesitantly, because our subconscious mind can only cope with clear goals and tasks. Only when we divide a large task clearly and logically into executable steps which our subconscious mind can understand, it stops being a brake pad and turns to a turbocharger. Then we act and achieve our objectives.

Probably the most valuable "method of success"

The process of clarification by structuring is crucial for every larger objective. That is the core function of meineZIELE. Only clear objectives can be achieved.


Outine goals and tasks


Of course, this structuring function can be used universally, e.g. for learning matters. Never learn anything "isolated". Like leafs, which do not hang in the air, but on a branch, and the branches on a tree, knowledge needs a structure.

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Set plain goals!

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