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Cross out

Get Your energy back

Getting energy back by crossing out

Use graphical effects and sounds for motivation!

The effect has been known for centuries in the utilization of any kind of schedule books: As we cross out a solved task, we get a motivation push and sometimes we get more energy back than we needed to resolve it.

Since we know about this effect, meineZIELE provides several functions for this purpose. You can set these effects as you like. The task can be just removed as you delete it. Those who like it louder may want to assign a sound file with the "delete"-button and enjoy while the task is taking fire or being cleared away by a rhino or a bulldozer. Admittedly, these settings are optional. The one keeps it deactivated and the other loves getting things done more than ever.

Crossing out achieved goals brings back energy


Motivation is a significant factor of performance. It is recognizable at the simplest duties. On jobs which comprise creativity, reflection and decisions, motivation makes a difference like night and day.

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