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Crib sheet

Handle small bits of information

No more search efforts for information with an easy and ingenuous tool!

Every day we need a large amount of little information from the most different areas, such as telephone numbers, member numbers, passwords, reference numbers, formulas, check lists and more.

Get rid of post-its, memos and the rummaging in folders. Just put all these information to meineZIELE's crib sheet.

It's like the 1-click-filing: Get rid of the paper! But keep the information ready to hand.

Don't look for a complicated solution for these bits of know-how. Select the easiest solution, the mZ crib sheet, which is still fully integrated. One important detail: The crib sheet can be ciphered and thus protected against the access of a third party.

crib sheet for small bits of information


The mZ crib sheet can be used independently from the other functions. It is a document in .rtf-format, which you can edit with word pad and pass to others.


Use images, scans etc. in the crib sheet and safe time.


Within the crib sheet, put the most frequently needed information on top. Then it is visible without scrolling and invisible with a single click.

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