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Establish time awareness

Concentrate on important things, particularly in meetings!

It´s not only lengthy talk about worthless topics taking a lot of time. Every day teams on all management-levels of Your company discuss and decide about amounts of money, which are by far exceeded by the team´s salaries added up for that time.

Eliminate this kind of waste by making the participants aware of what is happening. Meeting timers have been introduced for this purpose. Based on salaries and other costs, these timers show to everybody how much money is used up during a meeting. It sometimes works wonders when participants see how much the company's money slips through their fingers while they discuss about nullities.

Cloud or local: Decide Yourself

From meineZIELE You get both: A free cloud-version ...



and a (free) function as part of meineZIELE:

meeting timer


How does it work?

A meeting timer should include a brief description of its function. Furthermore, a start value, the value per hour and a currency are required. Then you start the timer. If you work on the topics within meineZIELE and change to another view, the timer will remain visible in the footer.


Meeting timers are versatile. Therefore you can change the description freely, for instances:

"We lose 85 customers to competing products every hour"
"Each hour we will be discussing we should achieve at least $10,000 value. If we do not, our meeting is useless."
"Our department store chain suffers 43 shopliftings per hour"
"This city makes $ 5800 new debt per hour"
"Our subsidiary makes £130,000 loss daily"
"This meeting leads to costs of € 800 per hour. Please be concise."


Both versions of this meeting timer are free: Use the conference clock for free with the test version of meineZIELE or use the free cloud meeting timer.

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