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Competitive Factors

Doing the right things better than all competitors!

Always ask: What makes the difference? The inner core of competitive strategy is doing the right things better than all our competitors!

It is not just the price, which makes a product or service cheap or expensive. In competition, many other factors play their role such as delivery speed, reputation or pace of innovation.

Every business needs something to stand out in the market. Why should a customer decide for Your offer instead of others? It is kind of a law of nature: If there are two competitors who count on the same combination of competitive factors, one will fail. meineZIELE helps you analyze and present the situation of your business. As in each of meineZIELE's functions, the concrete task on your daily schedule is just a few clicks away from the strategic insight.


Competitive Factors


How to improve

A good method to deal with competitive factors is using a spider chart, check for improvements and deteriorations in regular sessions. Consider improvements for all of the factors to get a situation of continuous improvement.


Keep in mind that Your competitive factors are of different importance. There should be the one, where You perform better than all of Your competitors. And there is one, where the customers find the most disadvantages compared with Your competitors. Maybe this factor is kind of an Achilles heel and You should take care of it.

And also keep in mind: This is just the surface of it. With meineZIELE You can take a deep dive for each factor. The tree structure of goals and tasks has its counterpart in a unique hierarchical pattern of spider charts just one click away.


Radar method for teams


Strategic work on competitive factors is very much like the "radar for teams", an extremely powerful teamwork method. It is not just charts. The method behind makes Your success.


Laws of nature like the one of Gause-Volterra on competitive exclusion is also valid for economical competition.

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