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Goals to check off

Preserve the overall view and keep motivated at many similar tasks!

A decreasing amount of work motivates us more than an increasing amount of solved tasks. Do not organize your training plan as a tally, but rather as a sheet full of circles, where you check off after each training session.

Successful work methodology has to do with motivation in all its facets. Self-motivation is often the key to stress-free success. It takes a lot of energy to overcome the inner temptations again and again. In meineZIELE, self-motivation is well-integrated and helps you safe your energy. You will accomplish more by working contentedly and with less stress.

Very often in life, tiny differences decide if a task will be resolved or postponed forever. This especially applies to areas where there is nobody who would control our progress, hence, where we have to decide by ourselves whether we will do sports, care about our health or solve the daily chapter in our textbook.

meineZIELE also delivers this chance for self-motivation. You set how many things you want to get done until when. Choose a symbol for the task, set the number of its repetitions and check off with one mouse click. After that, meineZIELE tells you if you are ahead or behind. Keep motivated by checking off.

Check off tasks


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