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Better decisions with pro/contra view

Weigh the arguments

Make better decisions by clear pro and contra argumentation!

Decisions are not automatically better when they are based on more and more information. But every decision will benefit from clarity.

meineZIELE provides a pro/contra view which you can use to contrast the respective arguments. As if you wrote it on paper, but professional.


Improve decisions


  • confront pro/contra arguments
  • or confront arguments of more than two alternatives
  • calculate when arguments have some cost or value
  • calculate two different columns (like in the screenshot) for example when there are one-off and running costs involved
  • or just use icons for simple + or - evaluation

Tip 1:

Both sides of the confrontation are navigable independently. Hence, the pro/contra view can also be used to reorganize goals and tasks and exchange such entries between projects.

Tip 2:

Find a working example of confronted arguments (download file is included in meineZIELE)

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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