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Kano chart

Between enthusiasm and disappointment

The Kano chart

Discover the best strategic approaches to product development!

Each product has more than just one property. Complex products such as a car, a machine or meineZIELE have a variety of product features. It is usually neither possible nor economically feasible to dedicate the same attention to each of these things.

There are features that the customer hardly misses, but which cause real enthusiasm when they are there, even if they work only half right. On the other hand there are features whose improvement is hardly recognized by the customer, but their absence would cause immeasurable disappointment. In this area of conflict we meet the KANO diagram with its enthusiasm and disappointment curve and three very interesting approaches.

meineZIELE provides KANO diagrams with an extensive repertoire of design options.




Good strategy would mean: Concentrate on features on the steep parts of the curves. There You have the most impact in relation to effort. But there is a third region in the Kano chart with stategic impact. Why would someone improve features from the excitement curve towards the upper right corner? Why improve features, which already are at the upper limit of enthusiasm?

The answer is: Concentrate on unique features and on features where customers can see Your lead.


Always have product features on the excitement curve of the kano model. And use meineZIELE to show Your team, what is the current situation and what are Your strategic plans and objectives.

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