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Eisenhower priorities

A simple prioritiy scheme

President Eisenhower gave his name to the Eisenhower matrixUse the Eisenhower Method for an effective control of priorities!

Important or not? Urgent or not? President Dwight D. Eisenhower is said to have invented a simple but highly effective method for the control of priorities. More...

The Eisenhower Method is world-famous. However, we realize that hardly anyone draws axes of coordinates on paper and classifies their tasks by importance and urgency. Without an effective tool, this method remains only a thought. Using meineZIELE, the classification of your tasks is easy and works by drag and drop.

Drag your task and drop it onto one of four fields: Delegate it to a team member or a colleague, assign it to a date on the calendar or activate it as one of your urgent top-tasks. If it is neither important nor urgent, put the task in the trash. By this means, the 4-sector-view in meineZIELE does not only depict Eisenhower's approach, but is also practical, simple and effective.

Eisenhower scheme


There are limits to working harder and spend ever more hours. But we always can select more important things to do instead of less important ones. meineZIELE is the top instrument for setting better priorities.

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