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How to expand business

Geographical expansion opportunitiesVisualize strategic expansion opportunities with the Ansoff Matrix!

The expansion of a business can be carried out in strategically completely different ways. You can try to increase the penetration of an existing market; you can develop new products, expand to new markets or implement a diversification strategy.

Named after Igor Ansoff, an expert on this field, diagrams for the visualization of a market strategy are called Ansoff Matrices. meineZIELE supports the application of Ansoff Matrices with a multitude of graphic options.


Ansoff chart



There is a popular 3 x 3 variant of the Ansoff scheme. You can find new markets in new customer groups and geographically. And You can improve existing product lines or develop totally new product groups. meineZIELE has a lot of clever options for the Ansoff matrix including obviously the 3x3 matrix.

The Ansoff-matrix is just a special application of the portfolio-view . Maybe the Kano-chart might also be of interest for You .

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